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Here you can fill an application form to join as a member to Tunturi-Ilmailijat. Please fill your information properly, *-marked fields are mandatory. When you have sent the form, we will handle the application and we will get in touch.

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Initiation fee 20 € and the first membership fee is paid by email invoice  (we don't send invoice by regular mail anymore). After that, annual membership fee is paid together with FAA's invoice (if you join or are already a member of Finnish Aeronautical Association) or via an email invoice sent in the turn of the year (if you don't join as a member to FAA).

* If you chose family member, write down the name of the main member to Other information -field below.

Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA) is the national and central organization of sport aviation in Finland. FAA offers its members several significant benefits , among other things six time a year published ILMAILU-magazine and collective accident insurance, which covers FAA's all air sports also during competitions, and the third-party liability insurance. Membership fee of FAA in 2024 for new members is 71-92 € depending on the time of the joining period.

** If you decided to join FAA too, you have to fill up their membership application form here: Join as a member .

*** If you chose "I'm already a member of FAA", write down your membership identification number to Other information -field below.

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